baby bottle / mimijumi / 2011

baby bottle / mimijumi / 2011

Memory / Ruckstuhl / 2013

Memory / Ruckstuhl / 2013

ultraleggera / SHIBULERU / 2014

ultraleggera / SHIBULERU / 2014

stacking toy / SHIBULERU / 2013

stacking toy / SHIBULERU / 2013

off-grid comms / Beartooth / 2015

off-grid comms / Beartooth / 2015

Panello Plus  / Ruckstuhl / 2012

Panello Plus  / Ruckstuhl / 2012




origin of our name

SHIBULERU comes from a lost in translation word for calipers in German, Schiebelehre, which are an essential work tool for anybody that lives to make stuff.

Not to mention that it sounds great when yelled out loud and the domain name was easy to get.

at our core > designed to deliver

If you can't act on an insight, then what's the point?

Everything we do is influenced by our passion to transform design challenges into engaging products and lasting experiences. In order to move from vision to compelling and tangible reality, we gather intelligence to inform design. We look for what people are saying even when they lack the words. We know how to find the most important problems to solve. We understand where to focus energy for the greatest impact. 

Design Intelligence is not rocket science, it’s the only thing that makes sense to us. 

our space

Our environment is free from distraction. This helps us focus on the task at hand, which is to create lasting design solutions for products, services, spaces and communication that align with your long term vision.

areas of expertise

industrial design

/ products / services / product roadmaps / user experiences / environments

brand identity

graphic design / logos / wordmarks / color palettes / user interfaces / packaging / in-store displays

brand & design strategy

user research / brand positioning / brand narrative / design thinking / archetypal branding


We are a tight team of designers and strategists. Our skills are inextricably linked as each amplifies the other.

Lukas Scherrer / founder / design lead

Architectural Draftsman, Industrial Designer, Instructor, Founder, IDSA/IDEA and Swiss Design Award Jury Member, 15+ Years experience in the creative industry. 6+ Years at IDEO, Regular international speaking engagements, previously at BALLY, ZHdK, FHNW, CCA.

Mike Ronkoske / strategy lead

Brand & Design Strategist, Storyteller, Maker, Partner, Entrepreneur, Pickle Baron, 12+ Years in the creative industry. 10+ Years in strategy. Previously at Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Energy BBDO, Cramer-Krasselt, Bassett & Partners.

Marion Decroix / industrial designer

Industrial Designer, Artist, Photographer, Masters Student in Industrial Design at ENSCI-les ateliers in Paris, France. Previously, interned at Sparse in San Francisco and with a cabinet maker-designer, Damien Hamon, in Nantes.


If you're ever in the neighborhood, please stop on by.

2325 Third Street, No.218
San Francisco, CA 94107

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